St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick was thought to have died on March 17 of 460 AD. The holiday was first celebrated by the Irish, but the tradition has become a part of American culture and celebration.

Image from St. Patrick Toronto

St. Patrick was a saint beloved by all in Ireland, and his life was just as interesting. Since he was famous, the Irish have posed many stories of him, but in actuality, not many facts are known. He was born in Great Britain in 387, and lived there until he was a mid-teen and his house was raided. St. Patrick was then taken to herd sheep and cattle in Ireland.

Living in solitude, St. Patrick became a very religious man. He believed God came to him in a dream, and delivered the message that St. Patrick should leave Ireland. He walked hundreds of miles and went to Britain after getting on a boat with sailors. After further years of study, he returned to Ireland as a priest. There are stories of people trying to kill him, but eventually he did preach about God to others and began to build churches.

Image from Drodd

He used the shamrock to demonstrate the Holy Trinity, and was a respected figure until his death in 460AD.

Americans have come to celebrate St. Patties Day, and green is worn and displayed throughout the day.

Info from Hello Kids- St. Patrick’s Day and St. Patrick- Saints and Angels

Feature Image from Flagstaff

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