Musical Spotlight

The past two weeks, we have had a senior and a junior for a musical spotlight. So, it’d only make sense to make this week a sophomore. That sophomore is Abby Mortimer!

Abby Mortimer has been in the Field Bands for the past four years. She started off as a trumpet player in the sixth grade, which led to the french horn in seventh. Even though the transition was a little hard at first, she stuck with it, because she liked it way better than the other instrument. During Marching Band season, she plays the mellophone, which is the marching version of the french horn. She has been in the Field Royal Gardsmen for two years now, starting her freshman year.

Image from Abby Mortimer
Abby has also been in the Drama Club for three years. She was in the musical, “The Little Mermaid”, her eighth grade year. She was part of the ensemble. Her freshman year, she played Naomi Gabler in “And A Child Shall Lead”. Later that year, she was part of stage crew for “Clue: The Musical”. Earlier this year, she played Laura in “Selfie!” For the 2017 Spring Musical, she will be part of the ensemble again, so be sure to look for her.
When she was a child, she wanted to travel the world for the rest of her life. She still plans on doing that, but she has been thinking about becoming a Wildlife Biologist. In college, she plans on taking a few acting classes and possibly joining the theater program. “I think it would be awesome to come back to Field and help out with the Drama Club.” Said Abby.

Abby’s favorite musical group is The Lumineers. She likes many of their songs, but would have to say “Of Monsters and Men” is her favorite. Other than Band and Drama Club, she does a lot of singing everywhere she goes. “I sing way too much for someone who can’t really sing.” She said.

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