Artist Spotlight: Sydney Kubitza

Today’s Artist worthy of recognition is Field sophomore Sydney Kubitza!

Sydney is an exceptional artist who has been working on a number of projects to date. Explaining her art style as, “going wherever.” She has worked with pieces featuring realism, design and beyond. Her preferred medium is watercolors, mixed media and acrylic but she has worked plenty with of other different art techniques.

Sydney’s artistic rhythm she mentions is, “I have a bad tendency to work on something for like a week and then put it down for two weeks and then pick it up for a week, so [the time it takes to finish] fluctuates.”

Sydney revealed her favoritism to drawing eyes, indicating that, “eyes [are] kinda my thing.” Many of her pieces show this with their thoughtful placement of color and intriguing addons.

While viewing Sydney’s art, Morgan Troup stated, “I really liked that Eiffel Tower ceiling tile she did outside of the french room. It had a very nice silhouette that brought a lot of attention to the piece. She also did some amazing work with eyes! I love the realism combined with the nature aspects of her works.”

Wishing to be a nurse anesthetist in the future,(which is a nurse who specializes in the administration of anesthesia) Sydney is gifted in athleticism, intelligence and humor, mentioning to,”follow me on twitter, you’ll get a laugh.”

All in all, Sydney has accomplished a lot at this school, and is most definitely going to accomplish much more out of it!

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