Artist Spotlight: Livia Coduto

Today’s wonderful artist is sophomore Livia Coduto!

Her art being more cartoony in appearance, Livia mentions,”…I like the simplicity of it.” Having her own unique style makes her work very recognizable, using bold colors and drawing in a more cutesy manor, Livia’s art really stands out!

When asked what steered her into art Livia stated, “I got into art by [a friend] seeing how [they] improved over the years was super inspiring! Also, the majority of the people at my school are artists, so I guess it rubbed off on me?”

Livia’s art taking her about 3 hours to a day to complete a fully shaded and colored work, depending on the amount of time she has at school. She does a mixture of both digital and traditional mentioning that, “…it’s more flexible [to do digital as it] has much more options with shading and colors, but traditional art is much more easily accessible and I have more time to do that.”

After viewing Livia’s artwork, sophomore Abby Mortimer recalled, “I really liked the style it was in. It had a nice appeal that caught my eyes. I loved the way it had a lot of bold colors in the background while still having the main focus be noticeable.”

Being talented in both medicine and technology, Livia hopes to find a career path that combines a mix of these two passions.

Overall, Livia has a bright future in both art and academics. Being a high achieving student with a focused goal makes a clear indication of what’s to come in her life!

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