Look at them now: Riley Coleman 

Featured image from Instagram @rileycolemann

Last years Field High School graduate, Riley Coleman. Since Riley’s graduation last May, she has attended Notre Dame College in Cleveland. Coleman plays volleyball for Notre Dame and has finished one regular season and is currently in her spring season. 

Riley also participates in SAAC which is a student athlete club at Notre Dame. Coleman is involved in FCC (Falcon Christian Community). Riley volunteers at a kids after school club every wednesday called Kidz Club. Riley participates in a leadership program at Notre Dame as well. 

Colemans hobbies include playing volleyball and living with her best friends (who also are on the volleyball team).

Since Riley’s graduation, she has gotten three new jobs. One is a summer job, one is a work study job she has at Notre Dame, and another is a side business. 

When asked if she prefers college or high school, Riley responded: 

“I enjoy college much more because of the freedoms, and the people I have met here. They are amazing, and are life long friends. My sport and team have taught me so much so far and I can’t wait to see what the future brings. I also love that I am working toward a future and a goal.”

Riley looks to her siblings for inspiration, when asked why she said: 

“Because they were all collegiate athletes, so when it gets tough or hard I can always go to them, and they have shown me the opportunities and positives that come with playing a college sport. Also, my friends push me to be the best version of myself and I love that. My parents of course tell me how proud they are of me and that pushes me as well.” 

Coleman has taken the next step in her life and it is turning out in her favor. 

College has taught Riley that everything you thought that people cared about in high school doesn’t really matter. She also has learned how to manage time wisely especially with playing a sport. 

“College also has taught me how to truly be content with being independent and making my own decisions, I have grown so much as a person since coming here.” 

College is such an important growing experience, for anyone, but Riley is taking on the challenge with a smile on her face and taking the best of what college has to offer to her advantage. Riley is a true inspiration of how to be a strong, independent woman with strong morals. 

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