Senior Spotlight: Taylor Peach

Taylor has been a student at Field High School since kindergarten and will be graduating from here come May. 
At Field Taylor is apart of Nation Honors Society, and Student council. 
Not only is taylor in groups at school but she was an athlete as well. 
Taylors freshman year she received a varsity letter for track and soccer and was presented “Freshman of the year” by her soccer coach, Lemo. 
Come Taylor’s sophomore year she tore her ACL preventing her from playing the end of sophomore year and her whole junior. 
The summer going into Taylors senior year she was able to come out and play in a soccer tournament for the school but in the last game of the day was pushed to the ground tearing it again. Taylor was unable to play her senior year at all. 
I asked Taylor what tearing her ACL showed her, “It made me realize that you can’t take anything for granted” she responded. 
Although taylor only played a year and a half of soccer her whole high school

PC: jenpeachy73 

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