Bad Weather 

     It’s now spring and sports such as baseball, softball, and track are starting. The weather recently has been extremely cold and miserable. This weather is preventing spring athletes to completely get back into the swing of things. 

     “If it’s cold you get stiff and its harder to run, but when it’s warm it’s easier to run and you have a better performance,” track runner, Danielle Pusker said. Due to the weather, three practices and two scrimmages have been canceled. Field spring athletes are not going to let this be a set back and have an amazing season ahead of them. According to my weather app the lowest it’s supposed to get this week is twenty-one degrees. After today, the weather should slowly start getting better. 

Twitter @falconathletes

Information from: The athletic director Mike Geraghty. Danielle Pusker, and The Weather Channel app. 

Photos from twitter @falconathletes and pexels website Winter Pictures. 

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