Band Concert Follow Up

Image from the Dunkley Music Website.

Recently, the Field Band  went to contests with three songs: “Flying Colors,” “Stone Gardens,” and “Blue Ridge Saga.” Not only did they play those in front of a panel of judges, but also had to play in a category called sight reading where they have to play a piece they’ve never seen before.

Scoring is on a scale of one to five, one being the best and five, the worst. Field Band wanted to get at least three ones to qualify for states. The scores came back not long after their performance. They received twos across the board, meaning every piece played, including sight reading, got a score of two.

Syd Parker, a percussionist in the band, stated, “The contest was nice, and I thought the scores were still really good for our band.”

The rest of the band was slightly upset, but were satisfied with the fact that they went to contest. They hope that next year they can qualify for states, and that their scheduled fits for it, so they can go.

Now, the band is focusing on their Pop’s Concert.

Mr. Collins stated, “This year I think we should go with a darker feel of music.” Recently they looked at a piece of the soundtrack of the movie Avatar.

Hopefully the rest of the year for them will be a great success.

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