What’s With Apple’s Newest iPhone?


Image from appleinsider website

Recently, Apple announced the release of its newest version of the iPhone 7; an iPhone with a red aluminum finish, topped with a signature apple in white. The iPhone has the internet going crazy over its odd, but amazing beauty, but there is much more to this unusual iPhone than meets the eye.

The iPhone was released in recognition of the company’s 10 year partnership with (RED), a company that raises money for those suffering from AIDS. This global fund has brought us closer to creating an AIDS free generation. Apple decided to take a step up from their Games For RED promotion and come out with an aluminum red iPhone.

The new iPhone is going to be available in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and will be available for purchase on Friday, March 24. Apple says that they can’t wait to get it to those willing to help people with AIDS in a unique and original way. If you’re interested in helping in the fight against AIDS, the iPhone will be available for purchase on the Apple website, or you can donate to RED if you’re not interested in the new phone.

information from appleinsider and apple websites.

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