Crochet Club

Image from the Craft Passion Website.

For the past few weeks, Gabriella Wyslutsky has been hosting a crochet club where members can learn to crochet simple stitches or make a small animal. This club’s available during fourth and sixth period.

“It’s ridiculously fun.” Syd Parker, a member, stated. “I really enjoy learning to crochet, even if lunch takes up most of my time, and Gabby is extremely patient.”

Abby Mortimer, another member finished a project. It is a koozie, or a small glass holder. When questioned about the club she said:”It was rough at the beginning,” referring to making the koozie,” but once I got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing from that point on. Gabby really is a great teacher.”

When asked about the club, Gabby explained it was a lot of fun and she enjoyed teaching people one of her passions. “When you see your friends finally getting how to do something you’ve taught them, it really warms my heart.”

Currently, they are making owls but later they plan to make polar bears, rabbits, cats and many other creative creatures.

All of the members are now very excited to finish their first project and get started on another. Syd Parker has already said her next project is going to be a bunny, and everyone in the club is excited to see how beautiful it will be.

They welcome anyone who wishes to learn to come join them in fourth and sixth period in the library’s back room.


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