How Are You, London?

Image result for london terrorist attack
image from Daily Star website
This week, London suffered from a terror attack that was later claimed by ISIS, a terrorist group from the Middle East.

At least 4 were killed from the attacks, 40 others left injured.

This has been London’s most deadly attack for 12 years. 8 people were arrested and all that can be confirmed so far is that an extremist group was behind what happened, even though ISIS claimed to have taken part in the event.

A police officer reported that a lone attacker plowed a car into crowds of people, killing two and stabbing an officer in the head.

Armed police officers are now surrounding London, staggered to help protect its citizens and tourists from further harm. The attack is currently being investigated and the government of London is looking to find those who are truly at the bottom of such a crime.

London continues to come out strong, though, saying that they “will prevail” from the events that have happened this week.

Information from The Guardian and CNN websites.


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