Look Back At It: Missy Pedula 

Missy Pedula was Field High schools very own senior officer last year. Now she is graduated and currently studying at Ohio University home of the bobcats. 
Although Missy is still trying to figure out how to balance her time, OU took advantage of Missy’s social skills, and smarts with a GPA of above 3.5 welcoming her apart of College Republicans, Alpha Delta Pi, which is a social sorority, and Phi Delta Epsilon, a pre-medicine fraternity. 
Missy has a love-hate relationship when it comes to college. Her first month at OU she wanted to just turn around and go back home, but that clearly couldn’t be an option for her. But now, Missy doesn’t want to come back to her hometown of Brimfield. “I get sad coming home for breaks. I have 5 weeks left of the semester and thinking about leaving Athens really stinks.” Missy stated. To Missy, college is ultimately the best because of all of the freedom she’s given. 

Although Missy loves Athens, there’s one specific thing that she misses most about high school. That’s not being able to have a relationship with every teacher. Missy is one to love, so not being able to have a connection with someone that is putting a positive impact on her life is hard. 
Being a graduate from Field, Missy gave a couple tips. One, do not stress about grades. Stress a little bit, but there’s so many things to experience during high school and stress with stop you from that. The second thing is, “YOU WILL USE THE QUADRATIC EQUATION IN COURSES OTHER THAN MATH, SO MEMORIZE IT” which Missy couldn’t state more clearly. 

I asked Missy who she looks to for inspiration and her response was one of the English teachers here at Field. “At the risk of sounding cheesy, I look toward Mrs.Tenney for inspiration (and a little bit of competition). She chose the major and career path she wanted and not what people expected of her”. This helps Missy strive to do what she wants to. 

One day Fields High School, Missy Pedula will be President of the United States and all we have to thank for that is Mrs.Tenney.

PC: missy_medulla 

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