Musical Spotlight

Some musical abilities are polished with practice, and some are naturally given. In the case of freshman Emily Weber, it’s both. Emily has been singing for as long as she can remember, she has been in choir almost as long as she has been able to walk. But Emily has never had it easy, in fourth grade, she developed vocal nodules, which made it difficult and painful for her to sing. She pushed through the challenges and eventually started singing solos at her church. Her favorite memory is when she won a regional¬†solo competition for church about two years ago. Weber also participates in Field’s marching and symphonic band, she plays the alto saxophone.

Emily is also a key member in a show choir group called ETC, which stands for energy, talent, and commitment, all traits she possesses. She is a part of three subsections of ETC, one of which she plays alto sax for. The other two groups, she dances and sings. These choir groups have enabled Emily to meet new talented people, and to help her confidence.

“ETC is where I met Bailey, my role model, and where I found my self confidence and where I truly started liking myself.”

Emily at ETC (All Americans), where she plays the sax. Photo by unknown.

When Emily graduates from Field, she is planning on moving to South Carolina with her mother to attend SCU, which houses one of the only college choirs in the state. Then after college, she would like to move to New York City, New York, but has a backup plan just in case things move a bit too slow for her liking.

“I’ve always wanted to be a Disney Princess, so my next step would be to audition for the part of Belle or Ariel at the Walt Disney World company.”

For inspiration, Emily looks to her mom.

“My mom is my lifelong best friend, I’d do anything for her.”

Emily has found music to be her escape from the problems she faces in life, it helps her get a handle on reality, depressive thoughts, and harmful feelings. She states that it calms her down, and helps her get through anything. “My ‘music career’ was built on struggle after struggle.”

Nevertheless, Emily remains a joyful soul, a good student, and an all around delightful person.

Emily singing at an ETC competition. Photo by unknown.

Information from Emily Weber. Featured image from Emily’s Instagram page.



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