Reading in Spanish

Spanish classes have started reading a book called “Asesinato en el Barrio Gotico.” However, the book is completely in Spanish!

Image found at “Asesinato en el Barrio Gotico” page on the BookCrossing website

Sra. Baker and Sra. Broski have started their Spanish 2 classes reading this book. Some students like it more than others, but most have generally been enjoying the book. Morgan Troup states, “The book is actually very interesting and I enjoy reading it.”

Morgan Troup explains what this story is about; “So basically what’s going on is, there was a murder and the detective, Marti, is trying to solve it.”

Sra. Baker described why they are having the students read in Spanish. She explains that “Word recognition is an essential part of learning the language, reading it, and processing answers. Students are expected to be able to answer in English as well as in fluent Spanish.”

So far, most classes are at or past chapter 4. Everyone is generally enjoying reading the book. Especially since the teachers help with the understanding. “I can’t wait to find out the ending of the book,” states Morgan.

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