Rewards Of A High School Athlete 

     Being apart of a team helps you learn to work well with others even if some people aren’t your favorite. When on a team every player is different in there own ways, but ever player is striving for the same goal. Being on a team teaches you how to work with others to accomplish your goals. “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships,” Michael Jordan once said. 

Resources website 20 Team Building Exercises For Youth Sports

     During physical activity the body releases endorphins. When released the endorphins cause you to get a natural high. This makes the athlete feel good and boosts self confidence. These endorphins are known to help decrease depression and relieve stress. 
Information from: In Like Me’s website, Benefits of Being A High School Athlete and Brainy Quote’s website, Teamwork qoutes.

Images from: Resources website, 20 Team Building Exercises for Youth Sports and Twitter @falconathletes. 

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