SERIAL Podcast


Recently in Mrs. Sanzone’s English classes, they have been listening to a podcast called SERIAL. “It’s the story of a high school breakup that ends in tragedy and gossip – what could be more interesting to teenagers?” explains Mrs. Sanzone.

Most of Mrs. Sanzone’s students have already gotten attached to these podcasts. Marissa B. states: “I’m listening to other podcasts right now, I’m obsessed with them.”

With all of this excitement over listening to the podcast, some of the students have already begun to wonder who killed Hae. “I’m calling it now, Jay did it because he didn’t get his drug money,” states Marissa. Jay is a friend of the suspected killer, who had some connections to the murder.

Mrs. Sanzone explains, “I decided to use the Serial podcast to teach nonfiction in a new, exciting way that the students can better relate to. [Plus] as a bonus we get to practice critical thinking skills!”

Most of the students are looking forward to finding out who really did it. They are all enjoying listening to the plot of such a strange murder.

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