Dangerous Internet Challenges You Shouldn’t Try!

Some of these challenges are trending all over social media platforms or have thankfully died off over time, either way there deadly and shouldn’t be tried by anyone!

Image result for the fire challenge
Image from YouTube
  1. The Fire Challenge
  2. “Batmaning”
    Image result
    Image from ABC News
  3. The Skywalking Challenge
  4. The Choking Game
    Image result for the salt and ice challenge
    Image from KTAR News
  5. The “Knife Song”
  6. The Salt & Ice Challenge
  7. The Cinnamon Challenge
    Image result for the cinnamon challenge
    Image from YouTube
  8. The Ghost Pepper Challenge
  9. “Planking”
    Image result for planking
    Image from Fulldorm Post
  10. The Car Surfing  Challenge ( sledding and boarding)
  11. The Knockout Challenge
  12. The Eraser Challenge
    Image result for the eraser challenge
    Image from Kidspot
  13. The Warheads Challenge
  14. The Condom Challenge
    Related image
    Image from Peru.com
  15. The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge
    Image result for the kylie jenner lip challenge
    Enter a caption
  16. The Hot Water Challenge
  17. The Shock Collar/Tazer Challenge
  18. The “Snorting” Challenge
  19. The “Eyeballing” Challenge
  20. The Flaming Shot Challenge
  21. The “Trunking” Challenge
  22. The Freezing Ice Challenge
  23. Chat roulette
  24. The “Purple” Drink Challenge, also known as the “Lil Wayne Challenge”
  25. The Fire Extinguisher Challenge
  26. The Chugging Challenge
  27. The Diet Coke and Mentos Challenge (drinking it)
    Image result for the purple drink challenge
    Image from YouTube
  28. The Sprite and Bananas Challenge
  29. The Rainbow Milk Challenge
  30. The Wasabi Challenge
  31. The Duct Tape Challenge
  32. The Mouse Trap Challenge
  33. The Staple Challenge



Some of these harmless challenges are taken to the extremes the more and more they’re filmed. It may just be out of straight stupidy, but I don’t think fans want to see a media star almost kill themselves or put their life at risk everyday just for views and followers. A death wish doesn’t deserve views, even if it’s entertaining. If and when you consider trying any of these think to yourself “What do I get from this?”

Info from: The Top 10 View, Comedy Shorts Gamer, The Drop ( All Def Digital), Revision 3, and GCMSRS’s YouTube Videos, and The things.com

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