Artist Spotlight: Kimberly Griggy

This week’s artist worthy of the spotlight is sophomore Kimberly Griggy!

Her artistic ability being super inspiring to many others, Kimberly had this to say about where her own artistic influence came from: “Honestly, life inspired me to pursue some sort of artistic avenue, not just one specific event or person.”

Furthering this she goes on to say, “When times were great, I’d draw. When I had a bad day, I’d draw. Bored? Draw. Inspired? Maybe paint. I guess my inspiration was to find an outlet for my thoughts.”

Kimberly’s art showcases her talent in water colors, acrylic and other mediums! She has a fine eye for color choices as her art works come together very smoothly. Whether it’s a cool colored piece, one with bright colors, or a mix it blends very nicely and shows off a great pallet every time. Her work on realism is another thing Kimberly shows off in her artwork, as she has done many fine pieces of animals and pets.

Sophomore Morgan Troup commented while viewing the art, “The realism is super good! I love the way each painting looks! You can definitely see the time and effort put into these.”

“I mostly consider my more ‘professional’ style to be semi-realism or realism most of the time.” Kimberly informed us, “I dabble in cartoons/illustrations, but have never worked on a large scale project of that kind.”

Kimberly’s art “on average, a ‘professional’ piece requires 5-6 hours. Smaller projects are mostly completed in an hour or two.” Her longest painting taking her about 7 hours for completion.

Another activity that takes up Kimberly’s time is horseback riding which she does competitively. Between her art and her horses, she has a clear future ahead of her. Kimberly hopes to become an animator for Walt Disney Studios or a design engineer manager at Walt Disney World in Florida. “Either way,” Kimberly states, “I will not be sitting behind a desk in an office.”

Kimberly’s website where she sells custom shoes and does commissions can be found here!

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