Everything Was Sound Review

Everything Was Sound is an album by the upcoming metal band Silent Planet.

Silent Planet is a band who feels they can make their music standout through using real information from around the world to craft a very real feeling song.

Garrett their vocalist has made videos with several interviewers in the past discussing the topics in their music before in the past and you can tell he really thinks about the content when writing his lyrics.

They released a music video for their song “Panic Room.” 

In the description of the video it features timestamps and links to his references while writing the lyrics of that part.

The link for this video will be at the bottom of the article if you’re willing to listen with an open mind!

The band is just now signing to one of the major labels out there and you can see the quality of their music is just getting better and better. 

Silent Planet takes pride in their sound, and wants to offer fans the best listening experience they can get while listening to the music.

The album sales are doing very well especially for a band of their caliber. 

If you’re into heavier music and really want an amazing listening experience then this album is for you! 

Link for the Panic Room music video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VbaFJiWftwk

Picture Credit: Spotify Music Artist Profile and Everything Was Sound Album Page

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