Monday, April 3, was the Indians opening day. They started their season off playing the Texas Rangers at the Globe Life Field in Arlington.

The Indians had been losing the entire game until the top of the eighth. The score was      4-5 and Edwin Encarnacion was up to bat. He crushed a homer to the left off of Ranger’s Matt Bush and tied up the game.

The Tribe rallied together and pulled out three more runs and won the game 8-5. It was a great come back and opening day for the Windians!

In an interview after the game Encarnacion said, “‘We never gave up, and we never will give up. We’ll never put our heads down. We’re always going to keep our heads up and trying to go forward.'”

The Indians faced the Rangers again the following day, Tuesday, April 4. The Windians won 4-3 and started their 2017 season off with a 2-0 record!



Information and quote from article written by T.R. Sullivan and Jordan Bastian on Indians website


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