Amanda Stayer Art Competition

Image taken by Amanda Stayer

Over spring break, Amanda Stayer went to a finalist competition for the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund Association. The association’s main program is children’s abuse prevention so she made her art represent such.

The drawing piece is of a child with their arms crossed in front of their faces, Stayer used  sharpie and water color to achieve the look.

Syd Parker stated that “It told a story about a child that went through a lot for their age.” Then she explained that is very well done and loved the way it was executed.

Amanda wanted to “point out that [child abuse] is sugar coated and is shown that it’s ‘better than it actually is'” and through her art she wanted to display what it is actually like.

There was a competition in six parts of Ohio and they choose a finalist from each region  to go to the finalist competition, Amanda being one of the chosen artists. Over spring break, the competition’s main goal was to choose the top three qualifiers, but Amanda didn’t make it.

Although she didn’t get a top spot, she received a $250 for our own Field High School Art Program.

April is now, officially the Child Abuse Awareness Month, so please be more respectful and spread awareness this month.

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