Artist Spotlight: Syd Parker

Today’s artist is sophomore Syd Parker!

Having done art for a lengthy amount of time, Syd mentions, “I’ve been doing art for as long as I can remember. So either I have a terrible memory and haven’t been doing this for long, or I’ve done this since I stepped out of the womb. Choose what impresses you more.”

Her art style consisting of what she calls, “in between [anime]-ish and cartoon-ish.” Syd is attempting to improve her anatomy and figure out a preferred style as her art tends to be very inconsistent. However, a lot of people say that her art looks great in all styles.

Working with both traditional and digital mediums, Syd states, “I like to do both. Each have their own qualities and I can screw up just as easily on digital as I can traditional. I cry when my ink smudges on paper and cry when my file corrupts on my kindle, so they’re both pretty terrible. I like the different amount of brushes I can choose from without having to actually get up and get them on digital, so I tend to prefer [digital art].”

Syd’s inspiration comes from the endless hours of media she’s watched and her friends who greatly inspire her. “I wouldn’t be here without my bro’s,” she states, “They are constantly giving me positive energy and always reblog my art on Tumblr and it really keeps me going. Without them, I think, I would lack the confidence I have.”

Syd is unsure of what she wants to be when she graduates from Field, but she mentioned, “I hope to do something with animals and (as I really enjoy rubbing in people’s faces) I have a boat load of rabbits and think it would be really cool to be a rabbit judge or something, as I’ve realized going to shows are really fun and they can make $250 in a weekend.”

Syd’s other dream is to become “Tumblr famous” as she plans to keep art as a side hobby.

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