Monthly TBT: April 2017

Image from Ebay

Bell Bottom Pants –


Believe it or not, bell bottom pants are making a comeback. In jeans, and cloth material, these pants are a staple of the 70’s. Patterns have ranged from plaid to pink, so they can go with just about any outfit.



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Image from Christopher Lennertz
Hop –

Hop was released in early April of 2011, since then it’s became a well known Easter movie for families. E.B., also know as the Easter Bunny’s son escapes to Hollywood in pursuit of following his dream as a professional drummer for a rock n’ roll band. In the process he’s taken in by Fred after he hits E.B. with his car.


Image result for webkinz hop
Image from Webkinz Insider

Amongst many promotions for the movie, Universal Pictures, with the help of Webkinz even gave out a “hopping bunny” virtual pet. The giveaway gave all players a chance to get the limited addition Webkinz for free, providing them with a code that could be used in the Adoption Centre and a multitude of other prizes also.

Image result for webkinz logo
Image from Webkinz Newz
Webkinz – Over a span of  12  years the Ganz Corporation has made just about every animal that can be imagined. Webkinz are plush toys that come with a code that can be entered into the adoption centre. They can be bought online, or at Walmart, Pat Catans, and Toys “R” Us. Once an animal has been “adopted,” take care of them, play games, dress them up, and decorate their house. The best part about them is that have as many as you want.

Feature image form Youtube
Info from: Webkinz Hub, Imdb, PopSugar, islandwavesnews, mall.sayidaty

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