Musical Spotlight 

Did you know multiple studies show that having a musical background results in better academic standing?

Senior Class President Miranda Evans, thinks that students should be very involved in clubs and activities when it comes to school, because it makes you well-rounded. If anyone knows what they’re talking about, it’s definitely her! She’s probably the most involved student here at Field.

Since her freshman year, Miranda has been a part of the Drama Club. She’s usually in the cast, but has helped a lot in crew too. Her freshman year, she played Willow Weaselin for the play and a candy/Oompa Loompa for the musical. Then, in her sophomore year, she played Kimberlee for the play and helped with stage crew for the musical. Even though she couldn’t participate her junior year, she came back this year to join the cast for Aladdin.

Photo from the Fall Production “Selfie!”

Theater is only one of the many things Evans participates in. From seventh grade to the end of her sophomore year, she was in the choir. After that, she joined band. This is Miranda’s first year in the drumline for the Field Royal Gardsmen, but her second year in the FHS Symphonic Band.

Miranda isn’t only involved in musically at Field, she is also in many clubs and has other major roles. She is in Girl Talk, HPAC, Teen Institute, FCA, Quiz Bowl, Pep Band, Yearbook, Tennis and Cross Country. Previously, she has ran for Field’s track team and has been in student council. Now, not only is Miranda the class president for the senior class, she is also the Liasion to the Superintendent.

“You don’t have to take on as many things as I have, but st least joining one or two things is the best way to go. It make you stand out!” said Miranda. I guess we all can say that she shouldn’t have any trouble getting into the college of her choice.

Growing up, Evans dreamed of being an actress, however, dreams can change. She will be attending KSU for fashion merchandising, but that is not all. She also plans on trying out for the MGF’s, also know as the Marching Golden Flashes, drumline and future musical productions.

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