Eating Healthy 

You are what you eat. Students often think that the secret to a healthy body is exercise. Even though exercising is important, eating right is the best way to becoming healthy. 

Some foods athletes should stay away from are diet soda, canned soup, and microwave popcorn. Diet soda is full of artificial sweeteners and are high in sugar. Canned soup even though it doesn’t seem bad for you it leads to high blood pressure. Microwave popcorn contains a bunch of fat and sodium. 

Eating right will help your performance on the field. Oatmeal, bananas, and nuts are foods athletes should be eating. Oatmeal is a strong source for carbohydrates and is high in fibers that will keep you full. Bananas contain potassium and carbs that help muscles. Nuts are extremely dense in nutrients and have a lot of fibers that help with keeping a good energy level. 

“Eating right helps athletes have enough energy for their games and also helps nurture their muscles,” Lexi Holmes stated. 

Information from Spoon University “20 Foods College Athletes Should Never Eat” and Stack “12 Foods Every Athlete Should Eat” . 

Images from VIVA “You are what you eat” and Kathryn Marsden ” Healthy Food Favorites”. 

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