Artist Spotlight: Gracie Cozart

Today’s artist is Field sophomore Gracie Cozart!

Her art features beautiful nature scenes and lovely shading; Gracie’s inspiration for this comes from Fields’s art teacher Mr. Kline.

“I saw him at the beginning of my freshman year when he was drawing…he helped me grow as an artist….and when I get stressed and stuff I just feel like I can draw,” Gracie stated.

Working with realism, Gracie stated, “I love to go outside and take pictures and draw the picture I actually took.” As she greatly enjoys nature and incorporates it into her style.

Wanting to be a sports medicine physician and go to collage for soccer in the future, Gracie revealed a bit about herself commenting, “I love when people talk to me, I like to help people when they have any problems. I love when people come to me and feel like they trust me.”

Field sophomore Morgan Troup while viewing Gracie’s art stated, “It’s super inspiring! I really like the bold blackness she has on a lot of her pieces! Each artwork tells it own story and it’s really fun to look at.”

All in all, Gracie has a promising future ahead of her and her art work shows of her great talent and hard work she puts into each piece!

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