Concert Choir Auditions!

If you’ve ever dreamed of performing with Field High School’s most talented singers, now is your chance! Mrs. Kirby, the choir director, is holding auditions on Tuesday, April 18th, and Wednesday, April 19th for current and aspiring concert choir members. The sign up list can be found on her door in the D hallway.

Mrs. Kirby will have assistance from this year’s senior class while making her selections, but this is nothing to be fearful of! All of the students that will be observing the performances have gone through the exact same experience while showcasing their abilities. In preparation, Mrs. Kirby has asked that each auditionee to sing one verse and the chorus from a song of their own choice.

Field’s current concert choir members. Photo taken by Mrs. Kirby.

Some advice can be the difference between a wonderful performance and a mediocre one.

Junior Kayla McLeod, while referring to the upcoming showcase, said, “[Mrs. Kirby] is not just looking for the the best voice in the crowd, she’s looking at breathing patterns and emotion, both of these are factors that you can control.”

If you’re looking for more information on the subject, check out’s article titled “10 tips for Winning An Audition”. The author recommends attempting to connect with the supervisor through your personality in your voice.

“[Personality]. Let it shine through….Find the love. Master your craft! Empower yourself! Enjoy the journey…”


Featured image from Nicole’s Curated Life.

Information from the Backstage website, Mrs. Kirby, and Kayla McLeod.


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