Softball Games

The varsity girls’ softball team has games almost every day due to the rain and the field being so wet. Because of this, they have had to reschedule the games.

When they reschedule them, they already have a game the next day, so it forces them to play a game almost every day. That is a lot of throwing and pitching for senior, Sammy Eckhart.

“I like having games almost every day because we do not have to have practices, but throwing games almost every single day is sometimes a challenge but not as bad as you would think because I built up my endurance,” states senior, Sammy Eckhart.

The girls beat Coventry on Monday and they were supposed to have a game yesterday, but the field was too wet and had puddles of water on it. The home game is rescheduled for today, April 12, at 4:15 against Coventry! Everyone come out and support your softball team!!

img_1318-1 Pictures from

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