13 Reasons Why

A new show called “13 Reasons Why” was recently added on Netflix that has sparked people’s attention everywhere. 

This show is based off of a girl named Hannah Baker that committed suicide and left 13 tapes leaving them to her “friends” as to why she did it. 

Not only is committing suicide effecting yourself, but everyone around you. You might think no one will understand or feel the way you do, but you are never alone. 

I asked Isaiah Prather how he thinks suicide effects family and he responded with “Suicide is never the right choice. People never think about the consequences for their friends, family and everyone around them. You never know what you are to someone, you could be the very reason someone smiles everyday and you’d never know.” You are someone’s child, sibling, friend, and neighbor. No matter what you will always be someone to the people around you that you might not even notice. 

You should never think you’re alone, you have kids, teachers, and parents around willing to talk to you and help. These people can help you gain confidence and figure out what you need to help yourself. 

Even if you think that ending your life is the only way out, it’s not. Wanting help is how to start. You have to want yourself to get better, and feel how you want to. 

Please, just do not think it’s the way out. You are never alone. Below is a suicide hotline that you can call anytime. Do not hesitate to ask for help. 
(844) 359 – 6685 

PC: Deviantart

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