Cleveland Killer 

Yesterday on Easter afternoon, Steven Stephens; a man from Cleveland, Ohio,  went on Facebook Live and shot an innocent man while he was walking home from spending Easter morning with his family. 

The police have been searching everywhere for Stephens, but still have not yet been successful with this man hunt. Steven has claimed that he has killed over a dozen other people, but Cleveland police can not confirm nor deny this statement because they have not found any victims or incidents linked to Steven. 

The police have warned surrounding states to be alert. The gunmans mother had said the reason why he is doing this is because he’s mad at his girlfriend. 

Stephens has no previous criminal record until now. The police had a short phone call with Steven and tried to convince him to turn himself in. 

Steven Stephens is 6’1″ and 244 lbs, and is bald with a full beard. He was last seen driving a white Ford Fusion with a temporary plate. 

 I asked Macie Mathews what she felt when she heard about what was going on. “I felt that it wasn’t fair somebody innocent got hurt because somebody else was hurting.” 

We urge you to stay alert and be safe during this time of danger and contact the police if you see the suspect listed above.

Information from/ “Cleveland Facebook shooting” 

Image from/ snap shot of google maps 

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