Drama Club Update

Image made by Kristen Luchka

Drama Club has been working very hard to preform in May. Recently, they have been working on the dances to the songs, and are currently off-book (the cast is reading lines and acting without looking at the script). All of the actors feel that they’ve come a long way from the first read-through.

Sweazy, who plays Razoul, stated that “For being off book, everyone is doing fantastic, and the music sounds great!”

The directors, Kristen and Arwen are very happy with the cast and how the musical looks, even without any props or being on stage. They both are satisfied with cast attendance and how hard they’ve been working. Everyone is convinced that this musical will be one their best.

Starting this week, the cast will be practicing on stage and will finalize any changes or positions they need to make. Overall, practices have been going extremely well, considering how close we are to the final performances.

Not only has the on stage members been working hard, but stage crew has as well. Currently, they are repainting the backdrop from “The Little Mermaid,” to the City of Agrabah for “Aladdin.” Also, props and other scenes are being finished. Everyone is eager to show all the hard work when the production is ready.

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