Artist Spotlight: Kyleigh Moore

Today’s Artist is Field Junior Kyleigh Moore!

Having went to the Falcon Academy, Kyleigh was inspired by the school’s art teacher, Ms. Peterson along with Mr. Kline. Kyleigh now works on many different projects at Field, such as ceiling tiles and murals. Kyleigh enjoys using acrylic as her favorite medium.

“I really like doing faces no matter if its color, or neutral colors, I like doing faces.” Kyleigh mentioned. “I have a hard time painting [though], I have to take my time, I have to take breaks in between because I get uninterested, so I have to take like a week before I go back to painting.”

No matter how long it takes for her to finish a piece, Kyleigh’s artwork always turns out stunning! The bold colors she uses and the fine-line work to all of her paintings makes the image appear very modern and professional.

Sophomore Morgan Troup commented, “The colors just pop! Even if the painting used a more dull pallet, her paintings catch my eye. I hope to see more of her tiles around the hall. They’re so fun to look at!”

Going into real estate in the future, Kyleigh is very multi talented and is sure to prosper in the future!


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