Field Local Schools Levy

An important issue is coming to the Field Schools District on May 2nd, 2017. Once again, the district will be attempting to pass a Levy to aid in repair that will take place around the community of the schools. The most important portion of the Levy will take care of  the urgent condition of the parking lot at the main campus, hopefully starting completely over with a brand new structure. Many students, teachers, parents, and administrators have the same opinion when it comes to Field’s notorious, pot hole filled parking pad.

Senior Miranda Evans has a personal conflict with the crippling infrastructure ever since she started driving, “Shortly after I started driving, I was pulling out of the lower lot by the stadium, when I had swerved to miss a pothole and ran right over another one. My tire popped and I had to call for help. ‘Safe’ driving has nothing to do with [preventing damage], I wasn’t the first victim and I definitely won’t be the last.”

Miranda’s story is one all too familiar with the falcon community, which makes it imperative that the Levy is passed. David Heflinger, the superintendent for Field, certainly agrees.

“It’s reached a point where we have no choice but to pass the Levy, so vote yes on May 2nd!”

An empty hallway at Field. Photo taken from Strange Transmissions website.
Field High’s famous parking lot. Photo taken by Abby Mortimer

Featured image from Field Local Schools Website.

Information from David Heflinger and Miranda Evans. 

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