Weather in Ohio

Recently here in Brimfield the weather has been everywhere. Rainy, cold, hot, even hail. For it being spring, the weather really messes up with all the sports going on. 

One day families are outside with their families having cook outs, and spending time with each other in the sun, but the next time sending their kids off to the bus in a jacket holding an umbrella. 

With in inconsistency of the weather it’s hard to know if your plans will fall through or if you’ll play your game that day. 

This makes the players mad due to wanting to be out there playing or running ready to win. Speaking of winning, our boys varsity baseball team is 10-0. So when the weather clears up and the sun comes out, make sure you come and watch the boys. 

I asked Kyleigh Moore how she felt about the weather changing so much, “I love the sun and would much rather be on the beach, but a day of rain doesn’t hurt anymore” she responded. 

Kyleigh’s right, April showers bring May flowers! PC: Pinterest: @xoallierosato

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