FHS Band’s “Pops Concert”

Photo taken by Brice Sweazy

Every Spring season, our high school band begins to practice and learn a set of themed music. This year’s theme is movie soundtracks.

The current lineup for the contest this year consists of; “Highlights from Beauty and the Beast,” “Avatar Soundtrack Highlights,” “Bond… James Bond,” and “Glory (from the motion picture ‘Selma’).” Morgan Troup explains this, “It’s basically just movie themes and other songs featured in some movies.”

So far most of the band students have been enjoying the theme of this year’s concert. Morgan states, “It consists of catchy tunes and, since we know them, they’re easier to play and more fun as well.”

So far, practicing the music has been turning out well. Everyone is learning their parts well and are looking forward to being able to play the songs at full speed and make them sound just like the original movie.

Mr. Collins wanted to do a “darker sounding” soundtrack for this year’s concert. And so far, most of the students are enjoying this selection of music. The concert will be on Tuesday, May 16th and will be held in the High School Gymnasium. We all can’t wait to hear what the concert is going to sound like!



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