Serial Project

Image from the Isbu Multimedia Journalists Website.

In Mrs. Sanzone’s tenth grade English class, the students listened to a podcast called Serial, and on Thursday they were assigned an oral project. They had to use google slides to make a presentation of their own case against who they thought killed Hae Min Lee.

Wednesday, Mrs. Sanzone had begun the presentations, but both honor classes doing the project had only gotten through two groups each. They were given a time limit, but they all ended going over it, leaving little room for others, so they had to spend this week presenting them.

Abby Mortimer, Summer Day and Amanda Stayer were one of the first groups to go. Their project was described as a fantastic performance and well done. Abby Mortimer stated, “I wasn’t nervous at all.” Then went on to say, “I was actually really excited, because I got to do things that I normally wouldn’t in a classroom environment, and really put myself out there.”

Another group went Wednesday as well; Syd Parker and Scott Hall. Syd exclaimed that she was nervous however, even though Abby’s group went before them, which she thought was astonishing, Syd thought her group did great!

The other groups also did an amazing job, and all were very compelling arguments on their opinions.

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