8: Album Review

Incubus has done it again! 

Incubus has just released their new album entitled “8”. 

The album was co-written with Sonny Moore From First to Last, he is also well known as Skrillex and I believe together they worked flawlessly.

Incubus has been around for many years now and they’ve been killing it since the start.

The opening track “No Fun” is absolutely going be a great track for them to play on their next tour, which is making a stop at Blossom Music Center this summer!

The track has so much energy and it’s very apparent that the song is going to translate so well live.

Many fans are so excited to see their favorite group growing up being reborn through such a good album.

Many bands seem to lower the bar with every album, but Incubus really set the bar high for the next record.

I asked Field High School student Marissa Burdeno on her thoughts on the album, “It’s so catchy and I love the sound overall!”

If you haven’t listened yet, or never heard of Incubus this is a great album to start on! 

Photo Credit: Spotify Artist and Album Pages 

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