April’s Baby

The much anticipated day has come; April had her baby! The giraffe; located at New York’s Animal Adventure Park, gave birth Saturday morning to her fourth calf.

Giraffes tend to have an extremely long pregnancy, which can be 453-464 days long. The baby’s arrival was much anticipated. 1.2 million people watched the birth, and many stuck around to witness the first few hours of the baby’s life. The

Image from Fox8

baby; a boy weighing 129 pounds, was 5’9″ at the time of his birth, and stood shortly after birth.

After being released to watch live in February, it has quickly gained popularity.   A GoFundMe page was also released in honor of the baby’s arrival.

Watch this baby and his mom as much as you can, because the live feed is soon to come down for viewers.

April twisted her leg, and the staff is removing it Monday.

On an even more exciting note, there will be  a naming contest for the newborn giraffe! Any participant can vote as many times as they would like. However, it costs one dollar to cast your vote. Good luck to those that participate!

Info from NPR: The Internet Is Gratified: ‘April the Giraffe’ Gives Birth

Info also found Fox 8- ‘Giraffe Cam’ to be Taken Down After April Suffers Leg Injury

Info from Express- Giraffe Gestation Period

Feature Image from wbng.com

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