Look back at them: Megan Largent

Photos from Instagram: @meganlargent
Last year’s Field High School Graduate Megan Largent is well on her way to her future. 

Since Megan’s graduation last June, Megan has chosen to further her education at Kent State University. 

Megan is a step ahead and already knows what she will be majoring in, Early Childhood Education. 

When asked which she preferred, college or high school, Megan responded:

“I loved high school, but the freedom and maturity in college is nice.”

Balancing a social life and college at the same time has proven to not be an easy task, but Megan’s advice is to plan everything in advance. 

Megan spends her little free time either doing her homework for her classes, or spending time with her friends and family. 

Megan’s inspiration when she isn’t particularly motivated is a good GPA. She says that it is her reason to always keep working. 

When asked what was one thing she missed about high school, Megan’s answer was:

“I miss seeing my friends every day in high school and not being as stressed out but college is a great experience and everyone should be excited for it!”

Even though transitioning from the high school student lifestyle to a college student is a tough task to handle on your own, Megan seems to have a good grip on what is important and what will help her out in the long run, and that is staying focused on school. 

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