Earth Month: A New Beginning

It is impossible to imagine your everyday life without the influence of Mother Nature. So the impending threat of permanently damaging our planet, makes our jobs as conservationists much more urgent than 50 years ago. Our life has reached a point in which all of our actions directly interfere with the way the planet is growing and moving.

Earth Day was finalized as a holiday on April 22, 1970, but was mostly used to clean up pollution, contamination, and wasted resources. Since then, issues have skyrocketed. Now we need to keep in mind overpopulation, nuclear waste, global warming, the endangered species list, and a worldwide water crisis.

A lake at Summit county metro parks. Photo taken by Abby Mortimer.

One might think to themselves, “How can I make an actual difference? I’m just one person.”

But the truth? Every small action makes a difference. According to, “It’s all about the little changes that can make a huge difference in the fight for our future… the biggest problem our world faces: ‘environmental apathy’.”

The site also lists some good ways to help, such as:

  • Calculate your carbon footprint!
  • Put on a sweater before turning up the heat! The emissions from your furnace help contribute to climate change.
  • Recycle everything!
  • Take showers instead of baths, and possibly invest in a leak-proof faucet!
  • Plant a garden and use compost!
A sunset in Brimfield, Ohio. Photo taken by Abby Mortimer.

If, by any chance you might forget your Earth’s history, there are plenty of ways to recall it. The simplest and most potent technique? Go outside and experience everything for yourself. Explore and discover what has been created for us, and if we take care of our planet…it will stick around for everyone to see.

A pine forest within the Mogadore Resevoir. Photo taken by Abby Mortimer.

Information from GreenLivingOnline and IsFoundation websites. 

Featured image taken by Abby Mortimer.

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