Design a Stud Contest

Image taken by Brice Sweazy

Recently, Student Council has entered the “Design a Stud Contest.” The contest is a competition to design the best 2×4 piece of wood. Summer Day explains, “The winner receives a prize basket. But it is still nice to help the community.”

Summer explained what the background to the Contest is. “The whole contest is run by Habitat for Humanity, which is building a house with the money. We bought four studs for fifty dollars each, and we are entering them into the contest. We spent roughly two weeks working on them, and we are hoping to win. It was a fun thing to be a part of, and like I said earlier, it’s nice to help the community.”

There is one way to be a part of this yourself. Unfortunately, you can no longer pick up a stud and make it yourself, but you can however vote for your favorite design.

Photo taken by Brice Sweazy

Any information regarding voting can be read in the picture above. Good luck to our student council members!!

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