Image from the Affirmyourlife website

Everyone has their own talents, and they express them through different mediums, all of which can become a successful job, and if you enjoy it, doing it for a living makes it all the better. When you use the talents you have, not only will you feel happier in life, but your talent can help contribute to society. Most importantly, you should make sure you are happy with what you do, so use the skills you have to keep your life enjoyable.

Some have musical talent, and they play an instrument, or they sing. Sometimes both.

For example, Emily Weber or Gabriella Wyslutsky. They both love their talents and showcase them in concert choir and band. Both have also expressed joy and excitement when they talk about it.

Some have a talent in sports and they play on a team for their school or a club. Abby Mortimer, who plays soccer for a club in indoor, and school in the fall is a great example. She also enjoys all the activities she participates in.

Some people have a gaming or computer knack, like Brice Sweazy. He used to run a gaming club after school.

There are a lot of people who can make beautiful artwork, but all in different styles. Sydney Kubitza or Miranda Evans, for instance, have been featured in Artist Spotlights to show their abilities.

Others are great with animals, like Syd Parker who raises and breeds rabbits for competition, and because she loves bunnies. “Don’t let anyone hold you back,” she states. “Life can be short, and if you really want to do something, do it.”

The talents you are blessed with are there for a reason, and they should be proud of them. Showcase them, and prove that you love what they do. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something, if you truly think you’re good at it, because what you like makes you who you are.

Prove to everyone you can do what you like, and be successful. If you are successful in what you love, you life will be a life worth living.

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