What Drives People To Murder?

Recently, a man by the name of Steve Stephens from Cleveland, Ohio, decided to kill an innocent man on Easter Sunday this past weekend. He ran from the police to surrounding states, but ended up shooting himself to end his life when he got caught anyway. I’m sure that this gets many of us thinking— how could a person be so evil as to take lives of the innocent? 

As told by the Daily Star website, being abused as a child and Autism can lead a person to being a murderer. 

Photo of Jeffrey Dahmer from atrl website
Dr. Clare Allely says that, however, they’re not trying to suggest these actions if you suffer from a serious blow to the head and/or brain, Autism, or being physically and/or sexually abused. She continues on by saying that mental stresses trigger somebody to hurt others, using Jeffrey Dahmer as a prime example.
Others suggest that killing has to do more with a relationship the killer had with somebody, more than a mental disease. Steve Stephens said that he had killed somebody due to his girlfriend upsetting him in some undeclared way. 

The thought of somebody without a criminal record becoming a murderer is quite frightening. Be sure to keep your eyes on the news to look out for more incidents that may come our way in the future, and stay safe.

Information from Daily Star and Twitter websites.

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