Why Should I Pay Attention to the News?

Image from NyBooks website

Lately, tensions have risen between the United States, North Korea, Russia, and China, along with many more countries around the globe. However, it is very noticable that people in our society enjoy living in a bubble rather than becoming informed on the serious situations that surround us. Though it is quite nice acting like these situations have yet to concern our safety, staying alert is the best we can do in a time like this.

Many people assume that since there is nothing we can personally do about the issue, our military will handle everything for us and we will remained an untouched country. This might not be the case though, because every threat sent to us could mean much more than we think.

Even though we personally cannot confront and fight the countries we disagree with, we should not refrain from taking precautions by staying informed on the world around us. You never know when something serious could happen that might be dangerous to us as people. It is encouraged that you stay in the know about today’s news, and it will be fairly easy to do so also. Most important news stories will be on your local news channel, or on social media explore pages. Remember to remain knowledgable about global news, and take any possible precaution to stay safe. 

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