Attack Your Acne!

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In case you don’t have the money to go out and buy some crazy expensive skin care treatment like Pro Active that may not even work for you and be a waste of your money, here’s some simple things you can do to help try and stop it.

– P.S. I tried these all out and they help keep my face clear.

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Change your pillowcase

There was article I stumbled across a while back and it was something that I didn’t even think about doing, but it blew my mind. The Fault in are Stars, Shailene Woodley shared with Teen Vogue,

“I wash my face twice daily and change my pillowcase every other night. This prevents oil build-up, and therefore, I have a cleaner, healthier face!” So, you can take into consideration of changing your pillow that you haven’t changed in months more often.

Image result for wash faceWash your face every day & night

Even though it might not be a big deal for you or a top priority, washing your face twice a day can prevent future acne and help get ride of the acne you have. Making it part of your routine can be a way of doing it. Think about all the sweat and other things that get on your face during the day, do you really want to sleep with that on? The best way to remove blackheads is with warm water and clean hands.

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Try not to touch your face!

Even though it might be a pain, it might be better not to pop them. Popping pimples can cause more redness and make them bigger. Did you wash your hands first? The oil and bacteria that’s on your hands can make them worse,  popping one after another could spread it across your face and make the ones you already have worse. If you have a habit of touching your face on a regular basis, try to break it.

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Moisturize multiple times a day

Did you know that pimples form from hair follicles on your body and face? What happens is dead skin cells and oil collect in your pores causing acne. Now blackheads is when they are left open and exposed to oxygen while, white heads are when they remained closed and form a bump. So, Moisturizing your face on a regular basis can reduce the dead skin cell build up. Don’t use too much!

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Keep your hair out of your face!

There was a time when I had really bad acne and I didn’t know what to do. I went to the doctors and she pointed out to me “how often do you have your hair in your face?” It all makes sense, imagine how much oil from your hair gets on your face. Your best bet would be to put it down when it’s freshly cleaned. If it’s on your face and it’s been more then three days since the last time you washed it, your could be putting your face at risk for more acne to form.


Do some sort of face mask once a week 

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Even though there’s not a lot of proof that what you eat can affect your acne but, drinking a lot of water and eating plenty of fruits and veggies could help. Increase blood sugar leaves could trigger some of it and sodium levels could contribute too. So, try to cut back on consuming large amounts




Some things that can’t be changed; periods and stress are almost bound to leave you with pimples, you can’t change your genetics, and

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as a teenager it’s just something you’ll have to go through, it’s part of growing up.

* Remember it’s next to impossible to have “perfect skin” some people are just better at covering it up, or handling it than others, but you’re beautiful no matter what.




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