The Levy Aftermath

Most traditions you may participate in are enjoyable and delightful, such as specific family events or trips with friends. Other traditions can be less pleasant, or even become a joke. For example, here at Field, the semi-annual “passing of the levy” that often gets laughed at and joked over because there is such a small possibility of it actually passing at the elections. In fact, Field Local Schools hasn’t passed a levy since 1991! So there is reason to believe we won’t pass one any time soon. 

According to the Field Levy Committee, ” the vote failed by 1335 votes, a larger margin than the last levy.”

In all seriousness, the school has reached a critical point when it comes to finance. When the levy goes back on the ballot, in November, it is imperative that it is passed. 

The frustration is causing a lot of tension in the community as people just want the best quality of education that they can get for their children.

One parent of a student at Field anonymously said, “Doesn’t anyone understand what our kids are losing? I am seriously disgusted with all the folks who can’t think of anyone besides themselves. Our kids deserve better!”

Information from the Field Levy Committee Facebook page. 

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