Artist Spotlight: Sydney Freudeman

Today’s artist worthy of recognition is Field Sophomore Sydney Freudeman!

Sydney’s art style as she mentions is, “based in a design with a focus on the methodical placement of structured patterns.”

Her art is full of fun designs and patterns. You might recognize some of her work because it shows similar qualities to the wall patterns that she, and a group of others, have worked on around the school.

Her art takes between three days to two weeks, and Sydney puts forth a lot of time and effort into making her art look phenomenal!

Her inspiration coming from Field’s own art teacher, Sydney quotes, “[Mr. Kline] is a great teacher and an amazing artist. I really enjoy being around him, he inspires me every day.”

Sydney’s favored medium is  “preferably pencil and pen. I enjoy doing water color though.”

Sophomore Brice Sweazy commented while viewing Sydney’s art, “It’s really good! I could look at the intricate details for hours. Very well done!”

All in all, Sydney has a clear and bright future ahead of her! Wanting to go into the medical field, Sydney wishes to take a look into a radiology field, more specifically an X-ray technician and will hopefully continue her work with the arts!


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