Sophomore Spotlight: Gracie Cozart 

Photos taken from Instagram: @_graacie_

Field High School Sophomore Gracie Cozart is lighting the path for future Field High students. Being involved in so many activities and programs, Gracie has true Falcon Pride. 

Cozart is so involved in soccer she plays year round. She is very involved in a travel team that gets together 6/7 times a week. 

As for through the school, Cozart has played soccer for 12 years total. 

When asked what she does in her little free time, Gracie responded:

“I enjoy going out with my friends we usually go to a sporting event or just hang out and watch movies ” 

Gracie also enjoys spending as much time with her family as possible. 

Gracie is also a huge Harry Potter fan. She loves how nerdy he is.

When I asked Gracie who she looked to most for inspiration she quickly responded:

“I look up to my mom for inspiration for being a single mom and being my best friend. She supports me through everything!”

Gracie is an inspiration of how to be involved in the school district and have some true Falcon Pride. 

Well Gracie, as much as you are glad to be at Field, we are more than happy to have you! 

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