With Prom Comes Pressure 

With Prom comes pressure. Don’t let others influence you to do bad choices. At Field High School and everywhere else, following yourself is encouraged. 
It might be tempting to make bad choices with others on weekends with all these big events happening, but you have to listen to yourself.

Remember under aged drinking is a big thing now a days, along with doing drugs. If your “friends” are encouraging you to these things they’re not real friends.

If you see your friends making bad choices make sure you go to an adult to look for help and options to help. 

I asked Kyleigh Moore how she felt about temptation.

“Make sure you surround yourself where you’re comfortable. And as a freshman don’t think drinking is cool and you have to do it to fit in,” she responded. 

Kyleigh couldn’t be more correct. Make sure you have fun at Prom and be true to yourself! 

PC: DE Blog

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