Artist Spotlight: Lyvia Fruedeman

Today’s artist worthy of mention is Field sophomore Lyvia Fruedeman!

Being an inspiring artist, she gets her own inspiration from, “My friends, Mr. Kline, and some famous artists that I get inspired by personally…”

“I have always been fascinated with art,” Lyvia stated, “being able to create what you want really interested me. I don’t really have a certain style, I just do what I am in the mood for at that moment. so yeah, any design.”

Lyvia’s favorite medium is watercolor however, as she mentions, “it’s very fun and unique to me. [Watercolor] almost always has beautiful results.” It takes Lyvia anywhere from a day or two to a week to finish her art projects as it depends on the availability of her schedule and how large the project.

Field sophomore Brice commented while viewing the optical allusion display in the D hall, “You can tell which ones are Lyvia’s, as they have such smooth lines and look exceedingly nice….Her work is very fun to look at.”

Also enjoying many sports such as running (as some of you might recognize her from track and cross country), playing soccer (as you might also recognize her from the varsity soccer team), reading, swimming, and plenty of other activities, Lyvia has many talents along with her artistic ability.

Planning on going into the medical field in the future, Lyvia has great potential in her future! Wishing to advise other beginning artists, Lyvia mentions, “Have some fun with your work! Pursue it, you never know what you could achieve if you don’t try!”

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